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Your purchases help backcountry flying

 The majority portion of profits from the sale of Backcountry Pilot apparel is used to support our operational costs, but annual donations will also be made to select backcountry flying advocacy groups. These include the Recreational Aviation Foundation, the Idaho Aviation Foundation, the Columbia Seaplane Pilots' Association, and other soon to be announced groups. Last summer we donated over $6000, thanks to a single raffle organized by MountainMatt at our 2011 Johnson Creek fly-in. 

 It has always been my fundamental goal to contribute back to the aviation community, either through providing a knowledge base, or to get involved and support those who can directly lobby for our rights as private pilots for access to the backcountry. With membership nearing 3000, we represent a small army who can not only fund the people fighting for us, but also get involved in hands-on work via airstrip work parties and legislator letter-writing campaigns.

 I do not respond to direct solicitations for donation. However, rest assured that a good organization will never go unnoticed, and I welcome emails that may turn me onto these. 

 Thanks for your support, and I hope to keep providing you with cool swag year-round to help you identify your Internet brethren out in the wild, and the assurance that your purchase is doing something worthwhile for aviation.


Zane Jacobson

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